8. Excellence in Acting – Hindi

9. Excellence in Acting – English

10. Excellence in Acting – Regional

11. Excellence in Public Speaking – Debate, Elocution, Extempore, Story Telling, etc

12. Excellence in Stand-up Comedy

13. Excellence in Magic

14. Excellence in Indian Vocals

15. Excellence in Western Vocals

16. Excellence in Vocals (Open Category) – Fusion, Acapella, Beatboxing, etc

17. Excellence in String Instruments – Guitar, Violin, Ukulele, Sitar, Veena, Sarangi, etc

18. Excellence in Percussion Instruments – Drums, Tabla, Djembe, Tambourines, Mridangam, etc

19. Excellence in Wind Instruments – Flute, Saxophones, Trumpet, Harmonica, etc

20. Excellence in Key Instruments – Piano, Harmonium, Keyboard, etc

21. Excellence in Musical Instruments (Open Category) – Any musical instrument whether included or not in the above list

The LITKIDS Awards 2024 are open to all students under 16 years. 
Only students born on or after 01-April-2008 can apply.
Fees – Rs. 1000/- per entry till 30th June, 2024
1. Personal Details – All the details in the form are mandatory. Name, Date of Birth, Age, Number and Email (students and parents), city, school name and branch, class and a small description about you. Any age proof document will need to be attached in this section.
2. Training Details – Complete details of training received or courses attended need to be entered in this section. Supporting documents / certificates (upto 10) in pdf format with maximum file size of 1 MB each must be uploaded. 
3. Achievements – Details of accolades received or competitions won need to be entered in this section. (Just participation will not be considered). Supporting documents / certificates (max 10) in pdf format with maximum file size of 1 MB each must be uploaded.
4. Performance Video – 1 best video capturing the students performance on stage must be uploaded. If stage performance video is unavailable then select the best available video to showcase participants talent. The video can be upto 3 minutes long with maximum file size of 10 MB. A written description of the performance can also be provided.
5. Payment– Registration fee is Rs 1000 per category